Monday, November 19, 2007

Fallacies of Evolution Part 3: Scientific Consensus

Exert from Fallacies of Evolution by Wilhard Goeth pp. 145-163

Ask most American scientists if there is any scientific disagreement on the topic of evolution, they will give you a definite no, and sometimes occasionally laugh in your face. (I must say it did not reflect well on you Mr. Dawkins) But too often we forget that there are other scientists in other parts of the world. As part of my book I wished to gain a truly global perspective, un-filtered by the establishment scientists. So I bought a series of plane tickets and went off to find out what the real scientists would say in their element. No formal interviews, no appointments, no translators. And what I discovered will shock you.

My first stop was at Tokyo where I talked to Nishimori Onaka at a Institute for Frontier Medical Sciences. Mr. Nishimori didn't speak very much English, but the short conversation we had was very striking. I've left a transcript below.

Me: Now, Mr. Nishimori, I wanted to ask you about the teaching of evolution.

Mr. Nishimori: Gomen, eigoga schochi wakarimas.
Me: Umm....well if you could talk about evolution at all.
Mr. Nishimori: understand.
Me: EV-O-LU-TION. Anything about evolution? It's stuff they teach in school. It causes things like abortions and stem cell research.
Mr. Nishimori: Stemu...Cell?
Me: Yesssss, that's right, stem cells. Stem cell research in America.
Mr. Nishimori: Stemu in America.....bad...bad Stemu in America.
Me: So, you're telling me you don't think there should be stem cell research in America?
Mr. Nishimori: Hai....No Stemu Cell research in America, none in America. Nihon tankyuu bakari.
Me: You're Welcome.

I was glad to recieve so strong a support from a high level biologist in Japan, as well as his thanks and reflected on how sheltered most Americans were, listening only to American scientists, still insisting on researching stem cells and believing in evolution. I decided I needed to speak to someone who had more command of of the English language, and I found him in Lalji Prasad of the Delhi Institute of Science. He spoke excellent English and was very outspoken in his views against evolution. "I personally would like to see not a single American citizen learn a thing about evolution." The man told me. "The fewer evolutionary scientists that come out of America, the better."

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